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About Nnamdi Chukwuocha

Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha is the son of the late William “Hicks” Anderson, a well-known and respected community advocate. The city of Wilmington’s only community center was renamed in his honor.

Councilman Chukwuocha was elected on November 6, 2012, to complete the unexpired term of the 105 the Council Session, as the City Council Member for the 1st District. He then completed the full 106th City Council Session and was reelected for the 107 the Council session.

On April 5, 2018 he was elected President Pro-tempore for the 107 the Council session. He is chair of the Education, Youth and Families Committee; and Vice-Chair for the Finance and Economic Development Committee and a standing member for the Planning and Community Development Committee.


Councilman Chukwuocha has a strong desire to continue his father’s legacy by linking it to his own 30ty+ years of committed service to the community (he began working in the community at age 13, as a camp counselor at the Walnut Street YMCA) and his vision for a United First District that works together to improve the lives of all Delawareans.

Nnamdi is certainly no stranger to citizens of Wilmington and regional and national arts arena. He and his twin brother, Al, perform as the Twin Poets ( Their compassion and commitment to their work and words are deeply rooted in their efforts to utilize art as a tool to empower our children and communities.

They teach children about the importance of self-expression and learning to write down their thoughts to help themselves and others with the challenges and opportunities they face.

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